How are dental bone grafts done for bridges?

Open ended question. It depends. Are the bone grafts being done to the supporting teeth or are the grafts being done to the gum tissue for cosmetic reasons. This needs to be discussed with the attending dentist or oral surgeon.
Ask surgeon. There are many techniques available. Your question should be posed to the surgeon actually doing the procedure. He\she can answer all your questions.
Bridge abutment. If is very tricky to get a good result for grafting bridge abutment. Some times the bridge should be removed with the contact removed from the abutment. Temporary should be placed. Prior to grafting, the lesion must be scaled and debrided, with proper healing in the soft tissue. Graft should be fully covered with soft tissue. Necessary measure must be carried out to prevent infection.
A few ways. Bone can be added to tooth sockets after extractions to help support implant placement. In addition, bone can be placed against existing bone either in layers or in sections to widen a narrow ridge. Without knowing more about your individual situation, it is hard to discuss this further.

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I need a 4 unit dental bridge that is 2 dental inplants supporting a segment of 4teeth on the left side upper jaw and bone graft. Would thispainfull?

Dental Surgery. You will feel nothing when the surgery is performed. Post operatively there may be some discomfort for a day or two which will easily be managed with pain meds. Although the surgery sounds bad, it is less invasive and less painful than extracting an impacted wisdom tooth.
Not really. It will more likely tax your patience waiting for healing after the graft and again after implant placement but pain won't be much of a factor at all. You will have access to meds that should keep it very well controlled that many people really don't even use much of..
Is not painful. Pain is a common concern among patients planning to get dental implants. Ironically, dental implant placement is the least uncomfortable procedure in oral surgery. Because dental implant surgery is performed with local anesthesia or sedation, the procedure itself is not painful. After the surgery, some degree of pain and discomfort is to be expected. Your surgeon will prescribe a painkiller.

Would doing implant on teeth 12 & 13 require for a sinus lift or touch sinus floor. 12 &13 missing & under bridge for 15 y. Is bone graft is needed?

Possibly. Only your dentist, who has your x- rays, can determine this. However based on the length of time these teeth have been lost, probably a sinus lift and bone graft will be needed. There should be bone between the implant and sinus floor.
See Prosthodontist. You need to see a prosthodontist and oral surgeon to diagnose your situation. All depends on where and how much bone you have in those areas. Often it is possible to this without affecting sinus. If under bridge for that long, there is a good chance that the sinus has pneumatized downward and reduced the bone in these areas. Need imaging to evaluate. Good luck.
11 mm bone height. A minimal of 11mm bone height would be preferred for the implant of 11mm to be placed in the area. 11 mm is the minimal length that would ensure 99% success rate in implant therapy.
Possibly. If there is not enough bone below the sinus in this area in your particular case, this may be a necessity. In some individuals the siuns done not come that far forward especially in the #12 are. Every case is different.
Probably. If the teeth have been missing for that long, most likely a bone graft will be needed to rebuild the bone volume of the jaw in that area so the dental implants can be stable. A cat scan should be taken of the jaw to determine the amount of bone present.
Depends. When teeth have been missing for a period of time the sinus will begin to drop. There is a certain minimum height and width of dental implant that is needed to replace these teeth so that a long term successful prognosis can be achieved. If you do not have this height and width then you may need to consider bone grafting.
Need a CT scan. Without a ct scan it is not possible to determine if you require a bone graft for certain, however, it would not be surprising if you need sinus augmentation. I think it is wonderful that you are considering dental implants...Be certain you are working with dental specialists like prosthodontist and periodontist to ensure you have the best treatment outcome possible.
Xrays can determine. Sometimes the dental xray or panorex xray is inadequate to determine whether a sinus lift is necessary. In cases where the surgeon is unsure he/she may recommend a dental catscan that gives the 3 dimensional analysis as to whether there is adequate bone to house a dental implant (and whether a sinus lift and/or bone graft is necessary.
Get an Scan. Most of the time the sinus is not afected in surgical implants in 12 and 13 site. In order to be sure you need a cat scan. But bone grafting is very common necesary due to bone loss.
Depends on anatomy. Each individual has different anatomy and so every case is unique. The x-ray attached is of an individual who's sinus floor was high enough so no additional procedures were needed! Even if in your case a sinus lift or bone graft is required, in the right hands, these are highly predictable and very successful procedures. Only a comprehensive exam and imagining study will dictate what is best 4 u.
Possibly. A 3d image would be needed to determine the bone height available to place the proper size implants. After this, the surgeon may be able to place the implants with only a tiny amount of bone at the time of implant placement, he may require a larger graft prior to placing the implants, or it may be possible to place the implants without needing any type of bone graft. Have the 3d image first.

What if you need a dental bone grafts but don't get it done?

What for? What are the grafts for? Is it because of bone loss due to periodontal disease? If this is the case, then the patient may lose their teeth if the grafts are not done. If the grafts are needed for a traumatic injury and they are not done this may affect the area of the injury but the other teeth will not be affected. Please discuss this with the attending dentist.
It depends. If you need a bone graft so an implant can be placed and don't get it, you can't have the implant. If you need the graft to better support a partial or denture, the final appliance may not fit as well. Grafts are also necessary to shore up teeth with periodontal pockets or support overlying tissue to prevent that "caved in denture look".
No implants. The prognosis decreases tremendously for dental implants if the bone volume is deficient. High failure rates can be expected.
Dental bone grafts. The comment "you need a graft" is insufficient and is not "informed consent". The necessity for dental type bone grafting should be explained and demonstrated, and the expected outcome gaged as to success, (particularly when it does not involve a dental implant). Grafts can often be unnecessary or overused for dental implants, adding excess cost and added risks.
Can't place implants. If you choose not to have a bone grafting procedure performed, you may markedly affect the ability of your surgeon to correctly place a dental implant. This could compromise the overall survival of the implant, the esthetics of the implant, and may even make placing the implant impossible altogether. The bone graft will help ensure the success of your dental implant investment. Keep smiling!
Not good. For the dental implant to be stable, a bone graft sometimes is recommended. If the bone graft is not done, then the dentist probably will not place the dental implant as it can fail. The dental implant requires a solid foundation to be stable. If you rather not undergo a bone graft consider a partial denture or a bridge.

Had a bone graft from cadaver dental implant. Done about a month ago Felt something pull out that looks like a small white worm. Could it be that?

Bone spicule. Yes, it could be a part of the grafted bone, or a piece of your bone that did not attach to the area. We call this a spicule (fragment) and is very common. Think of it as a small splinter working its way to the surface. Usually they feel very sharp to the tongue and much bigger than how small they are when they come out. I removed 2 last week. Not to worry. Good Luck.
Resorbable Membrane. Allograft (Bone from another Human Being) are powder or pellets. It was most likely Collagen Resorbable Membrane.

I had a bone graft done at the end of September for dental implant. I currently wear a retainer until it heals. R the bone chips inside the gums?

Yes under the gums. A bone graft is placed deep inside the socket or defect and is then covered by a membrane to contain it, the gums is reflected and sutured over the area to keep it he bone particle inside until they fuse and integrate with your bone. The retainer is used to protect the area from any pressure during chewing until the healing period is completed.

I had a bone graft done for preparation for a dental implant. Two weeks later I've developed a light purple discoloration in the tooth next to the surgical site. I used peridex (chlorhexidine gluconate) post-op is this normal?

Probably normal. But it is best to check with your oral surgeon. Anytime you have surgery and make an incision (even on gum tissue) there can be slight bleeding and bruising under the skin (your gums tissue is a type of skin). This should get better and fade away with time.
Peridex (chlorhexidine gluconate) Can stain teeth bluish.

Cost of dental impants, bone grafts?

It varies. In a general sense, you are not buying a chunk of metal or a piece of bone; you are paying for the experience and expertise of the dental surgeon who is performing the procedure. The more experienced, generally the more expensive. But, remember, you get what you pay for in most cases. Most conventional implants run $3-5000 apiece with an additional fee for the crown which sits on it. Grafts-?
Different all over. Prices can vary all over, even within the same city. Best thing to do is call some offices.
Depends. It depends on your specific situation and the specific materials used during the procedure.
Depends. Dental implants can range from $1500 to 3000 depending on your city. Bone grafts depending on the type of bone graft can cost from as little as $400 to $10, 000. Depends on the amount of bone grafting is needed and where the bone location of the area that is being bone grafted. Sometimes you can tilt the dental implants to avoid bone grafting. Google the all on 4 procedure.
Depends. It depends on the geographic area, the surgeon, the type of implant used, the type of abutment and lastly the type of crown. If bone augmentation is required then there will be additional fees.
This varies greatly. So much depends upon the location of the practice, potential insurance contracts, the expertise of the dentist, the practice management style of the practice, among other things. I would recommend searching for wonderful online reviews and asking friends who have had an implant. I would not be asking fees for open heart surgery. I would find the best dentist and find out fees there..