How does the hyaline cartilage repair after bone fracture?

No. Hyaline cartilage has a very limited ability to heal. There are hosts of scientists looking at how to enhance its healing potential. However, there are no good ways to do it currently. If a fracture that enters a joint also damaged the hyaline cartilage, the best that can be done is to get the joint fracture repaired as anatomically as possible.

Related Questions

What location does the hyaline cartilage come from to assist during the bone fracture repair?

The Hyaline cartila- Ge is found on the ends of the bones, as part of a joint. I am unaware of this cartilage assisting in fx repair, if i understand the question. Read more...

For what reasons might a bone fracture be preferable to a torn ligament, or to damaged cartilage?

As a fx can be seen. On a xray and its healing can be appreciated over a period of time. The ligaments or cartilage injuries can not be appreciated so well. A bad (severe) ligament injury can be worse than a fx, as they can take 3-4 months. It can be quite frustrating for the pt and the physician, as healing can not be appreciated fully. Read more...