What causes a high platelet count and hypothyroid?

No one thing. No one thing would cause both of the conditions listed. However, in women, hypothyroidism can cause long heavy periods, which, over time, could lead to iron deficiency. Too many platelets is a common finding in iron deficiency anemia, and so it could be indirectly related to the hypothyroidism. However, too many platelets can have other causes as well, so it's best to ask your own doc about this.

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My hair has been coming out clumps in the shower I am 24 just diagnosis with hypothyroidism and low platelet count should I be worried?

This is serious. I'll bet the hair stuff is telogen effluvium and I expect when your thyroid is managed it will remit, but you need to monitor the low platelets carefully and see whether your physician working with you can't find a cause. Be sure to let your physician know of any meds you are taking -- including "holistic" meds that are often not what they are supposed to be, and whether you drink quinine. Read more...