Is maca root a safe supplement to take? Does it interact with any medications?

No good data. Maca root has not been studied in any reliable trial in humans. There are a fewstudies in animals only. There are no reported interactions but, as stated, there has been no effort to determine its actions & effects in humans. Basically, save your money on this one. If you want to eat it as a food source, go ahead. Avoid high doses of any herb that has no reliable data about its effects in humans.
Maca Root. Maca root is a food staple for people of the Andes mountains, where it grows at high altitude. It is high in protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and contains sterols which are structurally similar to hormones in our bodies. High quality maca is believed to support the endocrine system and help with mood. Possible drug interactions are not well documented or studied.