My husband has been having pain in his testicles and lower back on and off for 3 days. Sometimes his urine is a darkish color. Kidney stones?

Possible. He should be evaluated for kidney stones and for toher causes of testicular pain and urinary disease. Best to see primary care as soon as possible. Thanks for trusting HealthTap!
ER/Urgent Care. Pain in the testicular area is not really a good idea to wait on. He should be evaluated in an ER or Urgent Care. Good Luck.

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Left testicle llq pain radiates to left lower back pain. Had CT ruled out kidney stones. H/o Crohn's and colitis. What could this be.

Don't know. A ct should be able to r/o recurrent crohns colitis as well as renal stones. If these are r/o'd, a very good history and physical examination may reveal another possible cause such as radicular back pain or testicular causes. See your doctor for help in sorting out the differential diagnosis! Read more...
Unclear. Is the testicle tender and swollen? Possibility of inflammation of the testicle or epididymis needs to be considered. Sometimes, the testicle may intermittently twist on its' vascular pedicle and cause intermittent torsion with associated pain. Complete torsion can cut off the blood supply and result in loss of the testicle. If any of this sounds like you, get examined by a urologist. Read more...