Will taking my birth control pill straight after I've had unprotected sex protect me?

No. Yes you could take birth contorl after unprotected sex but it will not work. Birth Control prevents ovulation, once ovulation happens birth contorl would have no effect on the potential for fertilization and implantation.
Not always. hen is your next cycle? If you are have unprotected sex during your ovulation period, OCP may fail.

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I've been taking sprintec birth control pill for exactly two weeks today, had unprotected sex on the 22nd am I protected?

Maybe. I usually tell patients that the pill doesn't work completely the first month. If you started the pill with your period, it is probable that you are protected; however, if not, it depends upon your cycle, timing, etc. Read more...

I just had unprotected sex. I took a birth control pill after. I haven't been on birth control for over a month. Is the pill affective or no?

Probably not. You may ask a knowledgeable pharmacist or gynecologist about "emergency contraceptive options" available in your community (pills like Plan B, Ella (ulipristal acetate) ...) or a copper IUD like ParaGard. Not all contraceptive pills work. A most effective way to prevent a pregnancy is a "forgettable, long acting reversible contraceptive"(LARC) like a subdermal implant or an IUD. Be safe, use condoms too to remain well. Read more...

Had unprotected sex between December 17-19th. Missed one inactive birth control pill on the day that my partner ejaculated inside of me but had not missed any other pills in my back before that. I know I don't necessarily need to take those pills but stil

Likely safe. If you miss your period by 4-5 days, do a home pregnancy test. If the result is negative repeat the test 4-5 days later unless you get a period by then. Use first morning urine and follow the instructions for the test carefully. If you do not wish to be pregnant, use contraception all the time, every time. You may consider implanted contraceptive, or IUD. Practice safe sex. Get HPV vaccine. Read more...