Does aphthasol (amlexanox) (rx) for canker sores (aphthous stomatitis) work?

Yes. The medication has two function: anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic. Remember that canker sores (aphthous ulcers) are different from herpes ulcers (cold sores). There are many triggers, and they are divided into minor and major. Symptomatic relief is usually all that can be provided -- and avoiding things that trigger the aphthae.

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Will using amlexanox for canker sores help you lose weight?

No. Using Amlexanox for you canker sore will not effect your weight loss because your canker sores heal quickly, less than 10 day. You are using this medication for a short application and not long enough for other effects. There have been some studies that suggest this medication can effect obesity, diabetes and asthma but it has not been studied enough to know if this will work in people.
No, it will not! This medication is only to help you with the canker sore ;#40;aphtous ulcer;#41;. This medication is meant to be applied directly over the ulcer, immediately the user will experience some relief of his discomfort. This topical medication is suppossed to cover the whole ulcerated area providing a temporary coating hence diminishing the access of microorganisms present in the mouth to the affected area.