Scared. Age 55f.always had medium color brown eyes with dark green ring. Lately change to light moss green. Dull. Bloodshot a lot. Ideas?

Ophthalmologist. Can be copper toxicity. Please see ophthalmologist-- sooner the better. .
Change in eye color. Please see an ophthalmologist. Changes in the cornea, iris, or aqueous humor could cause a color change. In some people, it may be genetically programmed. I would be worried about glaucoma, perhaps iritis.
See a doc soon! That is worrying! There are several causes of acquired heterochromia, none common. But having a special disease is not much consolation, I know. Hopefully this is due to an easily treatable condition. See an eye doc as soon as possible, or even go to an eye urgent care clinic, if available. Glaucoma can cause changes in color as well as other inflammatory diseases. See