Why were antivert and meclizine recalled?

Iron tablets recalle. Actually it is iron tablets contaminated with Meclizine that have been recalled. Bottles, marketed as iron (ferrous sulfate) and manufactured by advance pharmaceutical inc. Contained tablets of Meclizine hcl instead! The affected lot number is 12g468. The upc bar code for this lot is 0 0536-5890-01. The recall occurred january 17, 2013. See fda information at http://www. Fda. Gov/safety/recalls/ucm.

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Wondering, can I get antivert (meclizine) otc?

No, but yes. . . Typically, over-the-counter medications (not to be confused w/dietary supplements) are half-dose versions of their branded prescription-only counterparts. However, Meclizine appears to be an exception as it is available by prescription only as Antivert (meclizine) and available over-the-counter as dramamine, both at the same doses. So can you buy Antivert (meclizine) otc? No. But you can buy dose-equivalent dramamine.
Meclizine. Yes, you can get Meclizine over the counter. This is antivert (meclizine).

Labrynthitis. How long will I need antivert (meclizine)?

Correct diagnosis. Labyrinthitis is strictly speaking, an inflammation of the inner ear (hearing and balance). The term is loosed very loosely by a general physician. If you truly have spinning (vertigo), see an ENT doctor. The diagnosis may vary from positional vertigo, to meniere's disease, to even an acoustic tumor. You need an audiogram and balance function testing to make a diagnosis.

Can antivert (meclizine) cause u to fail a drug test?

No. This should not cross-react with anything, especially when methods using two different chemical principles are required.

Can meclizine/antivert help my dizziness?

Potentially. Meclizine is one of many drugs which can treat "dizziness" the precise treatment depends upon the underlying cause. Dizziness has many potential causes and Meclizine is not the right treatment for many of them!

How does antivert (meclizine) for positional vertigo?

Not effective. You should know that Antivert (meclizine) or generically called Meclizine is an antihistamine and as such will only effect your brain and cause sedation. It has no effect on the inner ear. Benign positional vertigo is the result of loose calcium carbonate crystals in the inner ear and will respond to head exercises or physical therapy by a trained therapist in inner ear vertigo.