What are some good foods for anti-aging?

Fruits and vegetable. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that can help delay signs of aging.
Healthy lifestyle. Best treatment for antiaging is as follows: healthy diet, natural organic products. Mostly vegetables, high fiber diet. Proper hydration with clean water without added chemicals. Good sleep during the night. Physical activity. Balanced life style . Antioxidants - natural or supplements like selenium. Vitamin d3 supplements 1000 u daily. And the least but not the last, have a positive attitude .
Whole foods. The best foods are unprocessed and come directly from nature, devoid of preservatives, additives, artificial colors, pesticide residues and should not be genetically or chemically engineered. Carbs should have a low glycemic load of 10 or less. Best sources are colorful veggies, fruits and some whole grains. Fats should be unsaturated, such as nuts, mono-unsaturated oils and avocados, fish oil.