Are there side effects of the androderm (testosterone) patch?

Yes. Blood clots, acne, fluid retention, priapism, exacerbation of prostate cancer, exacerbation of male breast cancer, local itching, worsening of an enlarged prostate, headache, enlargement of the breasts, allergy, depression, male pattern baldness. Just like all medications, use it if it's necessary in the lowest effective dose, if the benefits outweigh the risks. Your doctor can help you decide.

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What are side effects of testosterone?

MANY. High testosterone levels can cause unwanted hair, oily skin, acne, road rage, smaller testicles as well as changes in your cholesterol and hair loss.
Heart attack & strok. Dr. Patel pointed out the obvious side effects that you can monitor along w/drop in good cholesterol. Too much testosterone supplementation can also increase blood pressure & thicken your blood (polycythemia). These 3 factors can increase your risk for heart attack and/or stroke. Excess testosterone can also be converted into Dht & Estradiol leading to prostate, hair & male breast issues.

How to handle testosterone side effects?

Adjust your dose. By testosterone side effects, I assume you're getting a prescription from your doctor. In that case, tell him/her exactly what your side effects are and when you notice them. S/he can make adjustments to your regimen to maximize benefit while minimizing harm. Rarely, s/he may need to prescribe a 2nd agent and/or recommend therapeutic phlebotomy. Regardless, go see your doc!

Is it bad to take tribulis terretris to increase testosterone? Is there any side effects?

See below. Studies have not shown any increase in testosterone when taking T.T. As it is often used in body building after taking Anabolic steroids to try to increase the decreased testosterone levels steroids cause, I'm concerned whether you are using anabolic steroids? Both they & testosterone supplements can have really nasty effects! Better to eat well & train smart. Might check out a 40:30:30 zone diet.

I take 200 mg of testosterone every other week. What can be some side effects of the drug?

Many. Look at the aace. Com website for more lay information about testosterone replacement. I'm testosterone every other week is a very poor and ineffective method of testosterone replacement. Transdermal gels are safer and more effective. Talk w/your doctor.

Have given one injection of testosterone if I don't take another am I still at risk for its side effects?

No. You would not be at risk for wothdrawal if that is what you are asking. However, you will likely continue to have or have recurrence of the symptoms related to testosterone deficiency..

My spouse is 45 and taking testosterone. Are there side effects for long term use? How long can he take this?

Low Testosterone. This treatment should be considered for life...Or for as long as it is effective. Low testosterone can cause malaise, fatigue, weakness, weight gain, and depression. Normalizing testosterone cane improve one's sense of well being, strength, energy and mood. Under a good provider's care there should be very little risk to long term use.

I have just started my very first cycle of testosterone and am taking danabol ds, are there any side effects?

Many side effects. Yes, indeed. Why are you doing this? If you take t plus other androgenes, your testicles will shrink, since your natural hormone production is not needed. Your blood count will go up, and this can cause thrombosis (heart attack, stroke, etc). Blood cholesterol/lipids gets worse (heart attack). Acne, sleep apnea. Even if you are a body builder, the potential side effects are not worth it.

What are side effects of testosterone supplementation in men?

Few if needed. The key is to only use if needed and get the right amount to replace a deficit. Too much can cause problems with the prostate, atrophy of the testicles, fluctuations in libido and mood, elevated lipids, and acne. Blood levels of free testosterone can guide the amount of replacement.
Quite a few in fact. There are many...More than 400 characters worth. See this article link: http://www. Drugs. Com/sfx/testosterone-side-effects. Html.