Why am I producing less breast milk when I pump?

Maybe. Remember that pumping gets milk out with a different mechanism than real feeding. For many women that means less expression of milk. For many women, milk pumping is also painful and thus do it less than maximally. If pumping, relax (relaxed moms pump more milk), pump often, hydrate, don't smoke (which may decrease supply) and stay heathly. All those things increase pumping success!
Stress, dehydration. Not drinking enough fluids and stress and common reasons for decreasing milk supply. Also, if you are substituting pumping for nursing, pumps are not as good as your baby at stimulating the supply. Don't give up though! Resting and drinking plenty of fluids will help and you can also try looking at a picture of your baby while pumping.

Related Questions

I'm working and I don't have much time to pump so my breast milk getting less and less. What should I do?

Supply and demand. If you pump less you make less. Talk to your boss about dividing your lunch hour into half so you can have two more times to pump. If possible to adjust your hours (to allow longer time at breaks to pump, do so. If your boss is rigid, remind him. Her that breast fed babies have better immunity and get sick less, so you will not have to take off to care for the kid as much! Keep trying. Good luck.

I am pumping to feed my baby breast milk but also using formula. (i'm not producing enough). Should I do breast milk only and formula only bottles?

Shouldn't matter. If I'm understanding your question correctly: can you use the same bottles for both breast milk and formula? Then the answer is yes. As long as you wash them between uses, you can use the same bottle for breast milk and formula. You can even mix the two together!
I would. I don't have science behind this, but I don't know if mixing breast milk and formula will break down the good proteins in either liquid. I'm probably being overly cautious with this recommendation. So, if it was my baby, I wouldn't mix. Hope that helps!

How can I increase the amount of breast milk I am able to pump?

Relax, drink liquids. Looking at a picture of your baby and imagine her nursing will help. Also, trying to relax and avoid multitasking will help. It is really important to drink plenty of liquids and pump as often as your baby would eat to keep your supply up. If you've tried all this, then mother's milk or fenugreek tea can also help. Good luck!

If I pump and give the breast milk to my baby while I'm sick, will he get sick too?

Continue to nurse. Your breast milk will contain the antibodies you are producing from being infected. These antibodies can help protect your baby from getting sick, or help him/her get better faster. You are more likely to spread the infection through unwashed hands or living kisses rather than through breastfeeding.
DEPENDS. Some viral illnesses pass easily through the breast milk and would possibly infect the baby. If you were to have a more localized infection like strep throat (confirmed) or a UTI, it would not pass through the milk.

When pumping, breast milk is coming out of one breast very well, the other one not so much. How can this be corrected.?

Keep trying. In a search I found that this is not abnormal and it is recommended to keep trying on the breast not making very much. Other recommendations were to have the baby feed on the minimally producing side first, to immerse the breast in warm water during a bath and try to express the milk and above all to not give up. I cannot say enough about lactation specialist also!! Here is the link I found http://www. Babycenter. Com/400_is-it-normal-for-one-breast-to-produce-more-milk-than-the-ot_910232_639.bc.
Consult doctor. Your this breast may be smaller than other or some structural difference, but this breast is producing milk. This may be normal variation and may not need any treatment. Still consult specialist (breast), he may suggest some test to make it sure that every thing is normal.