Can children or adolescents take amerge (naratriptan) for migraines?

Not FDA approved. Amerge is not fda approved for children and adolescents. Axert (almotriptan) is. Some physicians use triptans off-label in this population.

Related Questions

Is naratriptan one of the migraine headache medicines?

Yes. Naratriptan is known as amerge (naratriptan). Naratriptan is used to treat the symptoms of migraine headaches (severe, throbbing headaches that sometimes are accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to sound or light). Naratriptan is in a class of medications called selective serotonin receptor agonists. It works by narrowing blood vessels in the brain, stopping pain signals from being sent to the brain.

Is it safe to take amerge (naratriptan) for migraines after menopause when taking estrogel and progesterone?

Migraine. No real contraindication while using with hormones. If you do have aura and risk factors such as hypertension, smoking etc discuss with your neurologist.
It is safe. The advantage of Amerge (naratriptan) in addition to its longer half-life, is its mild side effect profile which makes it more acceptable to patients who are unable to tolerate the side effects of sumatriptan. The advance age may be associated with a decreased prevalence of migraine. The onset of physiologic menopause (natural menopause) improved migraine in most women. Take care.