How long does it take for alprazolam (xanax) to work?

Xanax (alprazolam) Is a fast acting and short acting (few hours only), only treat symptoms. It never treat any problem to the root cause of the problems. Thus is very addictive. Must always be given in conjonction with another med that treats the cause of the problem then stop it when the other med works well to suppress the symptoms. Never use as single med for more than 3months.
20 to 30 minutes. Since it has to dissolve in your stomach and be absorbed by your small intestine there is some further time if you have a full stomach. But 30 minutes at most.
Xanax Tolerance. The effect of Alprazolam starts in ½ to 1 hour and stays for about 6 ours. Let the Wise person in you Reflect: •In how much time, you feel relief; with what mg. dose? •Duration of Use •Change in last 3-6 months? •Stressors in life causing Anxiety, thus needing Xanax; •Use of Alcohol •To see Psychiatrist for Therapy for stresses in life, for unresolved feelings; and to develop coping skills.