If nasal steroids and montelukat tabs didnt work for allergic rhinitis. Whats the next step? What does it mean? Non allergic rhinitis?

May be. but the pharmacological treatment for both is what you are getting, you need to be evaluated more by an allergist, after history and physical, you might have allergy testing to find out why you have those symptoms, may be as well imaging studies or more blood work, could be something at home or work, goodluck.

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Irritated swollen nasal passages (turbinates) for last 5 weeks. Tried nasal& oral steroids no relief. Was told to try Singulair. Will this help? Was told Not allergic but possible Non-allergic rhinitis. Can coloidial silver nasal spray also help?

Unusual first choice. Singulair (montelukast) is an unusual first choice for non-allergic rhinitis and as an add-on to high dose antihistamine treatment (I notice you're taking allegra and zyrtec). It could be for the skin rash if hives is a consideration? Also, 5-weeks is a bit short of a time period to conclude that this is non-allergic rhinitis. Just some general thoughts. Read more...