How do you feel about alcoholics anonymous programs?

It does work. I agree with the other doctors responses; i just want to add that it can be very hard work and that some personality types take to it easier than others. If you are more introverted it might not feel right at first. If you don't find the right connections immediately give it some time. It can be really helpful to have a therapist in conjunction. Best wishes.
As a psychiatrist. I am very thankful for alcoholics anonymous. It provides patients with types of help that aren't possible with one on one therapy. It supports spiritual, emotional and physical health. Aa makes sobriety possible.
Great support. Aa & the other 12 step programs r the best support you can get for overcoming addictions.There r other non-12-step groups, some of which are just as effective, including lifering, sos, smart recovery & women for sobriety. The 3 "active ingredients" in successful recovery are support form other who personally understand, a structured way of working on your attitudes & behavior, & spiritual growth.