Can I take Percocet and trazodone together? Percocet makes me stay awake all night. Even if I take it at noon I can't sleep at night.

I don't like it. Personally, I don't like medicating the side effect of another medication. If Percocet is causing you troubles like this, perhaps you need a different analgesic.
Insomnia. Both medications may cause insomnia. It is important to get enough sleep,contact your doctor to see if the percocet can be changed or another medication added to help you sleep. Meanwhile,set a schedule for bed daily,avoid drinking caffeinated beverages,eat healthy,regular exercise only as tolerated and adequate fluid intake.
Yes, you can. but you should be closely monitored and the dosage should be carefully adjusted because percocet and trazodone both increase sedation and drowsiness.
Yes. Percocet and trazadone can be taken together if these medications were prescribed for you. It is unusual that Percocet would act as a stimulant and keep you awake for hours.