What are typical side effects of adalimumab?

Infection the common. The most common side effect is infection, and a person on it is monitored for this. There are other things we look for including lymphoma , other malignancies, neurologic disorders, allergic reactions like anaphylaxis, hepatitis b virus reactivation, cytopenia, pancytopenia, tuberculosis, fungus infection, bacterial infection, heart failure and a lupus like syndrome. Your rheumatologists monitors.
ISR. Adalimumab (humira) is an anti-tnf biologic agent used in RA and other diseases. It is usually well tolerated. Injections site reaction (isr) is the most common side effect but rarely a reason to stop treatment. Other potential side effects such as increased risk of infections, tb, worsening of heart failure, anaphylaxis, and lymphoma are reported but uncommon.