Burning pain in top of leg, calf muscles feel like their tightening, inner tremor, tingle in side of face, hot showers cause weakness and tremor in legs?

MRI brain with FLAIR. The facial tingling and response to hot shower is concerning. Your neurologist will want to do a good exam and get an MRI of the head to exclude MS or clinically isolated syndrome.

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Tight right calf muscle for @ 1 week. Worse with rest, seems tingling /burning/ itchy at night in bed. Not hot or discolored. Thoughts?

Calf discomfort. One possibility is congestion in the calf veins which builds up during the day's activity on your feet. Elevating the leg should relieve that discomfort,however. Irritability of calf nerves or muscles may be a cause. A blood clot in a calf vein usually is accompanied by swelling and tenderness. It's best to have a physician examine your leg and, if deemed advisable, get an ultrasound of the veins. Read more...