Lip numbness from bad hurting tooth. Will I get feeling back after extraction or will it take time. If feels tingly at times?

Nerve damage. Pressure from an infection can be causing your numbness. The longer you wait to be treated, the greater the chances the damage will be permanent. Please see a dentist at once.
Assuming. Assuming sensory loss is due to pressure from infection, root canal Rx or extraction may allow gradual resolution of nerve damage. The longer this goes untreated, the more severe the swelling, the less recovery can be expected. If tooth has to be removed it may need to be replaced to prevent bite collapse. Know ales that there are other causes for Neurologic changes. Seek RX ASAP.
See a dentist ASAP. Numbness of the lower lip is a common symptom of infection of the lower teeth. Resolution of infection, which follows extraction or root canal therapy of the tooth, leads to the gradual return of normal sensation and complete healing.