Can TB lymphadenitis cause vaginal yeast infections?

TB and yeast infect. TB itself does not cause vaginal yeast infection; however, if you are on certain medications, especially antibiotics which can alter your bacterial flora, you are much more likely to develop vaginal yeast over growth and infection.
No. These diseases are caused by 2 different kinds of organisms one bacteria and the other a fungus. Yeast infection is caused by candida.

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What causes recurrent vaginal yeast infections Urine test showed glucose-absent. Took once intraconazole 400mg for one day but not cured. Age 21 virgin?

Yeast infection. This can be predisposed to by diabetes (without there being glycosuria), antibiotics taken for other reasons, immune suppression, stress, lack of sleep, illnesses, etc. Itraconazole for one day may not be adequate therapy. Discuss with your doctor and if not satisfied you may want to get a second opinion. Best wishes. Read more...

What are the causes of recurring vaginal yeast infections?

Several. Antibiotic use most common, sometimes illness, more likely in summer/ hot weather. Illness can as well. Injury, some chemicals (ie spermacides in some), diabetes, non breathing clothing can all contribute. Read more...

I'm allergic to yogurt, it causes me to have vaginal yeast infections. Though, I am craving it. Could I eat frozen yogurt instead?

Very unusual. The probiotic in yogurt may reduce yeast infection instead of inducing it. Since no itching was described at the vaginal area, an allergic reaction is less likely. Since the mechanism is unknown, the only way to find out is to try the frozen yogurt out and having a Rx for Fluconazole in hand in case you have another yeast infection. See GYN if problem continues. Read more...