How can I do a skin self-exam?

Examine all over. It is important for you to examine your entire body as skin cancer can occur anywhere, not only on areas exposed to the sun. You should be familiar with your birthmarks, blemishes, and moles so you know what they look like and can spot changes. As you examine your skin, look for changes in the size, color, shape, or texture. Http://www. Melanomamonday. Org/documents/body_mole_map_11-09.pdf.
Be thorough. Just as it sounds, remove your clothing and take note of the marks and such on your skin. Do this once monthly, and look for any marks that are changed in size, shape, color or thickness - bring these to your doctor's attention.
See following link. Http://www. Aad. Org/skin-conditions/skin-cancer-detection/about-skin-self-exams/how-to-examine-your-skin.
You will need. A hand held mirror, wall mirror, a good light, a chair and footstool and a hair dryer (for the scalp). Look for any lesions that meet the abcd's (atypical, irregular borders, color variation, or are different/changing). If you have an iphone or ipad, use the free app umskincheck to help guide you and photograph and monitor worrisome lesions.