My 48 year old husband has had swollen ankles for the past 3 days. Heart is good, creatinine fine, no urinalysis done. On Lasix (furosemide) trial. Suggestions?

More info. First i would do urinalysis, kidney issues can cause swelling. Next, what meds is he on? Any new ones? Amlodipine (norvasc) is a common one that when added or increased can cause swelling, as well as other meds.
Swollon ankles. There can be many reasons for swollon ankles in this man.1}he could have develop venous insufficiency. 2} he could have just started on some medication which can cause ankle edema.3)this can also happen because of low Albumin in his blood or he may be loosing Albumin in his urine , he needs to get his urinalysis done.This can also happen if he made a long trip while sitting.