Can a copper IUD cause period to continue and negative pregnancy tests and yet I still be pregnant? They symptoms say yes! Or what else could it be?

No. If you have a copper IUD in place, it is very unlikely you are pregnant. If you then did a negative pregnancy test, it is certain you are not pregrnant. There are many other causes of cramping, bloating, nausea, and other symptoms of pregnancy, so if you are concerned, see your doctor for an evaluation.
Talking to doctors. please re ask your question and tell us specifically what the symptoms are.
Copper IUD's. With an IUD of any type, continued bleeding with a negative pregnancy test can indicate an ectopic pregnancy which produces less HCG and pregnancy tests can be negative See your healthcare provider asap to make certain you do not have a pregnancy in your tube (ectopic). IUD's only protect against uterine pregnancies.
Yes. A copper IUD can cause prolonged period.If IUD is recently insertd and not too heavy then wait for next cycle.If IUD has been in for a long period get checked for displacement.If pregnancy test negative You are not pregnant.Get a check up.

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