Sometimes heart feels like it does a summersault in my chest the feels like it's fluttering, hard time catching breath and dizzy, become very pale?

Need to see a doctor. If you are having these symptoms now, call 911 and seek IMMEDIATE medical attention as you may be having a life-threatening arrhythmia. If you are asymptomatic, schedule an appointment with your PCP or a Cardiologist as soon as possible for evaluation and diagnostic testing.

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Occasional 'catches' of breath like all air has gone from my chest, lasts 5 secs & with dizziness. Light heart pain. Flutters too. ECG, bloods fine.

Tachycardia. It sounds like you may be having short bursts of tachycardia (likely SVT in view of your age). A heart rate of 180-220 is common, may only last a few seconds, and would produce all the symptoms you describe. Ask your doctor for a 30 day event monitor exam to nail the diagnosis. It's easily treatable. Meanwhile, avoid nicotine and caffeine. Read more...