Bruises on leg - derm biopsy report dx: vascular telangiectasias, sparse perivascular lymphocytic inflammation & hemorrhage. What does this mean?

The biopsy shows no. The biopsy shows nothing remarkable. I wonder why it was done. What was the DR looking for? Ask the DR who did it to interpret it for you.
Telangectasias. Telangectasias are "spider veins" and are a result of increased widening (dilation) of larger veins in your legs. When this occurs, the valves in your large leg veins have become non-functional, and permit the entire column of blood from your groin to your ankles to be applied to lower leg small veins, which burst and form small hemorrhages. They are not harmful, just not cosmetically acceptable.
Inflammation of. Smaller blood vessels along with some bleeding and abnormal architecture of vessels in the biopsies area. Please ask your dermatologist to explain it in context of your clinical picture.