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What are the first sign of pregnancy first week?

No different. What is called the first week of pregnancy occurs before the implantation even occurs. The reason is that the beginning of your menstrual period is counted as the first day of pregnancy. So you won’t feel any different.

What are first signs of pregnancy?

Missing your period. Missing your period at the expected time is the first "symptom" for most women. Other signs would be a change in appetite, maybe some mild nausea, an increase in your ability to smell things. Fatigue is also a common first trimester complaint. Cramping type pain is not uncommon.

What are the first 10 signs of pregnancy?

A whole Textbook. This question may not be easily answered in this simple forum. It could take a whole book to discuss the answers to this question. There are numerous pregnancy and pre-natal books available. It may be wise to get one to use as your guide. I would also hope that you will learn now to avoid pregnancy. If you need health care please contact planned parenthood.

What are very very first signs of pregnancy?

Varies from person. For some the first sign is a missed period without other noticeable early changes at all. For others, you may have one or more of the following symptoms: nausea day or night, increased urinary frequency, breast tenderness, marked fatigue, mood changes, food dislikes or cravings, stronger smell sensations, constipation, bloating, mild cramping, low grade headache. Do a pregnancy test to confirm.

What are the first obvious sign of pregnancy?

Missing period. While you may have swollen/tender breasts, or nausea, the most reliable sign of pregnancy is missing your period!

What are very first early signs of pregnancy?

Spotting & Cramping. You may want to do a pregnancy test. A woman's hormones rapidly change after conception. Some of the early signs include spotting, cramping, breast changes, fatigue, nausea, missed period, dizziness.

What is the first major sign of ectopic pregnancies, how intense is the shoulder pain and what week does the shoulder pain usually start.

Don't use symptoms. If you've had a positive test, most ectopics are pretty silent until about the 5th week at the earliest. Are you at risk for ectopic? If so and you are pregnant see a doctor asap, do not wait for symptoms. By the time you have significant shoulder pain you are already in deep trouble.