My throat hurts bad when I swallow and when I lower my head. I also see a white tube behind my tongue when I stick it out. Could it be Epiglottitis?

May be your uvula. It is unusual to be able to see the epiglottis. I think you are describing an infection of the uvula. Have your doctor exam and treat you. This can be serious. Epiglottis usually does not allow you to change positions of your neck. You have have dysphagia, drooling, voice change and hoarseness. All the best and I hope you feel better soon.
Uvulitis. Please seek medical help since uvulitis may be due bacterial infection such as strep or viral infection such as herpes. Sometimes it can also be reaction to irritants like smoke inhalation or other chemicals, or reaction to food or drinks, but would still need thorough throat exam and treatment .