What does it mean when you can see what you have eaten in your stool?

It was not digested. It is obvious that if you can see what you ate in the stool, it did not get broken down properly to pass through the intestinal wall&into your bloodstream. This could be good or bad. The body obviously would not digest, say a coin accidentally swallowed by a child. But millions of american's have gut problems& are not digesting properly&are malnourished, esp. Overwt. Pts. Speak to your dr.!
Possibly not much. Gi transit is fairly standard ranging stool frequency from 3x/day to 1x/3-4 days.Visible food residue may reflect rapid GI transit, or the nature of food consumed (corn, vegetable husks, seeds can often appear in stool). Get help if losing weight, have identified food intolerances (wheat, milk protein, lactose, etc.), bacterial overgrowth, known dysmotilities, pancreatic disease, blood in stool.