I have a hard round mass about th size of a pea on my lower lip? What is it? How can I get rid of it?

Surgical removal. Any lip mass should be removed. It could be something benign, like a sebaceous cyst, a fibrous clot from a hematoma (prior bleed), a fatty tissue growth (lipoma). But it is hard: a little more worrisome: a cancer, a lymphoma, a salivary stone, all are possibilities, and more. No matter what, the only way to know is to remove and study it. A plastic surgeon would be my suggestion.
A lesion. The answer is in the discription of the lesion. Is it growing on the surface of the lip? Is it in the lip? Is it below the lip line? Is it smooth? Does it have rough/pointy boarders? Is it water filled? It could be an inclusion cyst , something got trapped beneath the lip when it was injured. Or a wart. Or a scar. Others include virus, infection, or cancer? Gotta know what it is to get rid of it...
Mucoid cyst. If on the inside and contians clear fluid i'd guess it is a blocked salivary channel and your dentist or gp could open it with a small nick.If this is a user of tobacco a whole bag of problems may be in play.