Is there a home method to get rid of plantar warts?

Duct tape. Although studies have shown mixed results, duct tape has been useful for many people in getting rid of warts. Here's a web page that reports on two of the studies and describes several methods of wart removal with "the handy-man's secret weapon." http://www.Warts.Org/duct-tape-wart-removal.Html.
Many. There are over the counter meds that you can buy at a drug store. You can tru duct tape, place it iver the wart for 3-5 days and then slowly peel it off.
Several treatments. You can try over the counter wart removers, but be careful: i've seen them do more harm than good. Other options your doctor might offer include cryotherapy (freezing the wart), electrocautery (burning the wart), laser treatment, or several different topical chemical treatments. If the treatment is typically uncomfortable, your doctor can numb the area before proceeding.