I am a male 50 years old. Are the recommendations catering that I get tested for hepatitis?

Question uncertain. If you're asking whether people in the catering business & other food handlers should be tested for hepatitis, yes, it is a good idea so that a preventable disease is not unknowingly spread to consumers. Hepatitis a is the most likely concern since hepatitis b/c/etc involve body fluid exchange.
Yes. The cdc recommends that everyone born between 1945-1965 get a one-time hepatitis c antibody test. This is because 1 out of 23 men in this birth cohort have hepatitis c infection. Most were infected in the 1960's - 1980's when up to 270, 000 people a year got infected. Tell your family and friends to get tested as well. If the antibody test is negative then you didn't get hcv back then.