Having stroke symptoms only lasting a hour over past two weeks happened 6time ER couldnt find a cause. Dizziness right leg weakness headache any ideas?

TIA. It sounds like you may be having transient ischemic attacks, so-called "mini-strokes." by definition, tias are like strokes but the effects last for less than 24 hours. You should see your doc right away for a work up and management of risk factors.
Take pt 2 Neurology. Clarify what do you mean by " stroke symptoms". If pt has recurrent symptoms he or she is a timebomb for a catastrophic stroke. So there is some urgency to clarify the diagnosis. Either tias, cardiac arrhythmias, uncontrolled hypertension may be considered. Pt needs a full neurological and cardiac evaluation including MRI of brain, holter monitor, ekg , carotid and vertebral ultrasound. Also labs.