Tingling in face and hands vomiting headache and body ache?

Dx illness. Sounds like you are not feeling well. Unless you have a history of migraines, for which nausea, headaches and vomiting are common, you will find it helpful to have some direct medical attention. Q&A is not that helpful.

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I have body aches, shortness of breath, vomitting, cough, headache, unable to eatall typical. What is the hand numbness about?

See doctor.... Shortness of breath is potentially life-threatening and always needs to be evaluated asap. Your hand numbness could be due to a variety of causes including a low oxygen level which could also lead to a headache. Dehydration w/ electrolyte imbalance is also possible. If your doctor can't see you right away, go to the er for evaluation/treatment right away! Read more...

18yrs female red face w/patches of red on body. Tingling in face hands feet & just not feeling right. Temp 99.1 w/feeling light headed & mild headache?

Could be an allergy. Red patches are usually the sign of an allergic reaction to something you ate and/or came in contact with. Try and think what you ate or touched and if it could be affecting you. Read more...