I am 33 and was taken off of norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) 10/325 and put on oxycontin 20mg for chronic pain. Can this be a successful treatment longterm?

Yes. Medication should be part of a multifaceted pain program including physical therapy, injections, treatment of insomnia and depression etc.
AGREE WITH DR PEREZ. At your age, you are embarking on a life-long track to permanent disability, and limitations. You treatment program is not destined to be successful, as you will develop tolerance, and eventual need for escalating dosing. First, find a doctor to taper you off narcotics, second, find a personal trainer and work toward fitness, third, see a counselor to help address any emotional baggage. All best.
Never! At your age, i think not! your sex is not known, but if you are male, your serum testosterone will be cut in half within a month! not counting addiction complications, constipation, etc.
Yes. Oxycontin is long acting narcotic, more effective rx for chronic pain and less addictive.