I havnt been diagnosed diabetes but have pins and needles feeling in my hands and feet for the 2nd time ever, could I go into a diabetic coma or possibly die?

Time for a consult. Diabetics don't get the pins and needles neuropathy until years into their disease. People who hyperventilate due to anxiety can get the feeling anytime. It is time you met with your doc to discuss your concerns and have some basic lab work done.Once your health is confirmed, you can address why you are preoccupied with death.
Okay, let's see... You DON'T have diabetes but you have tingling in your hands & feet for the 2nd time ever, for how long? An hour? A day? A year? & from there you jump straight to death from diabetic coma. Is that right? It never hurts to check a fasting blood sugar. If it's normal, I think you're safe for now from death by diabetic coma & can go digging for something else to worry about.