Are the new addtabz a good alternative to adderal? Do they really work?

No. After looking at several websites on addtabz from the manufacturer, distributors, and/or sellers, i still cannot tell what exactly is in the pills. A good rule of thumb is: if somebody tries to sell you something but seems to be hiding what's inside the drug or supplement, you should walk away (quickly, in the other direction). The addtabz websites did not show any real research results.
Efficacy not known. Addtabz are a recently formulated supplement that is being heavily marketed as a dietary supplement, a non prescription alternative to adderall, (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) even though there are no studies to see if it works. The components are caffeine, methylhexaneamine (a stimulant) and octopamnine. Most important, side effects and dangers are not known, and similar drugs (eg ephedra) have turned out to be lethal for some.
Not good alternative. Addtabz is an over the counter substance that claims to be effective for ADHD. There is no information concerning double blind controlled studies to prove its effectiveness. Best to see your doctor about reliable alternatives.