If you need surgery to remove an ovarian cyst can you do it without general anestegia, such as when you are having a c section? Thanks.

Yes, It can be done under regional anesthesia such as a spinal or epidural of it is done through an open incision. It is better done laparoscopically which has less pain and a much faster recovery. This would require general anesthesia.
Yes. If the surgeon uses an open technique to do this operation, then a regional technique can be used. If the surgeon opts to use a laparoscopic technique, then a general will be required. Talk to your surgeon about your options.
Sometimes. It can be done if the anesthesiologist is trained in that approach however you have to accept that sometimes you will get a general anesthesia.
Yes. Ovarian cyst removal certainly can be done during a cesarean section. We will often remove easy access cysts, but we will not remove fibroids. The one problem with pregnancy is that there is an increased risk for bleeding therefore the choose not to do intricate or complex surgeries during cesarean sections; only those necessary.