I have a papilloma on my vocal cord. Should I get a intralesional cidofivir injection along with excision?

Probably wait. Cidofovir has been used with success for resistant warts and in compromised hosts with aids or organ transplants. Usually excision is sufficient. Unless you are a compromised host or have recurrent, resistant disease, i would not start with an unapproved therapy and potentially severe local reaction.
Cidofovir/papilloma. Intralesional Cidofovir can be used as adjunct therapy to surgical excision for laryngeal papillomatosis. The decision to use this antiviral medication should be made in consultation with your ent. Depending on the degree of severity of the disease, it may be reasonable to use this medication. The use of Cidofovir is not without it's potential complications - again, may be warranted if severe.