Does vaporized marijuana have the same male fertility affects as smoking it?

Yes. Male fertility is affected by thc the psychoactive component of the marijuana. The smoke of marijuana causes lung damage. Thc is felt to affect sperm in several ways including that the sperm swim too fast and "burn out" before reaching the egg, the head of the sperm has abnormal changes, the sperm count is lower. The effect on fertility is due to the thc.
Yes. The effects of mj, however delivered, occur as a result of thc (& possibly other chemicals) entering the blood stream & ultimately into the cells of the body. Whatever smoked mj does, vaporized mj will do. By the way, fertility issues have apparently gotten your attention, but please also be aware that mj has a number of other serious problems associated with its use.
Yes. Any form of marijuana has to be considered a substance that can cause changes in sperm quality and production. Use of any form should be discontinued if considering a pregnancy starting 3 months before trying.
About. Some of the oxidants are removed by the vapor that would otherwise be inhaled with pot, but the main thc effects of pot on sperm function and hormone balance remain unchanged.