What topical other than metrogel or finacea works for rosacea?

Alpha lipoic acid. Other topical treatments such as Alpha lipoic acid preparations are also effective in decreasing the redness encountered in rosacea. It should be combined with an anti-inflammatory diet rich in essential fatty acids.
Retin-A for rosacea. Although Metronidazole and azaleic acid are the most commonly used products for rosacea, neither agent is particularly effective. If you wish to try something else, topical tretinoin cream (retin-a) may provide you with some benefit. Systemic therapy with Doxycycline and other similar drugs are more effective than any topical therapy, particularly if you have pimple-like lesions.

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Roseacea: Oracea 40mg since May 6th. Still get regular swollen papules. Take evening to avoid dairy. Metrogel, finacea no effect either. Any ideas?

May need other meds. If you are still breaking out with swollen papules then you may need a stronger dose of doxycycline (Oracea only comes at 40mg). There are other topical medicines that may be helpful as well such as topical ivermectin (Soolantra) and topical sulfur based products. It may be also helpful to look at stress and diet (such as alcohol, spicy foods, caffeine, sugar, dairy). . Read more...