What can I do to fight my cat allergy?

ShotsDistanceRidOf. Beside getting allergy desesitising shots from an allergist which are not always effective and also take years to work You can reduce exposusure to cats Don't hug or kiss cats Beware of visitors who have cats even if they left them home If you are a visitor in a house with cats ask the cats be not in your room If you have children allergic to cats it is better to get rid of the cats.
Immunotherapy. If you have a cat allergy, that means that your body has developed a sensitivity to the cat allergen, fel d1. The only way to "fight" this allergy is to start immunotherapy, as this will develop a "natural" tolerance to the cat allergy. There are no other alternatives available. Medications will help control the symptoms (essentially suppressing the symptoms while you are on medication).