Does a flexible sigmoidoscopy detect bowel cancer?

Sigmoidoscopy. This procedure looks only at your lower bowel in contrast to a colonoscopy that should look at your entire bowel. All the best sorting through this.
Yes, but... ...only in the left colon. The exam does NOT reach beyond the splenic flexure, and thus any cancers located proximal to that point will be missed by this limited device. Although far from a perfect test, the gold standard remains optical colonoscopy performed in the setting of a perfect preparation by an experienced endoscopist with expert technique reaching the cecum.

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Had sigmoidoscopy in June. It showed have haemaroids. Pellet stools with LOTS of bloody mucus. Bowel cancer? I'm 38. Dad had polyps.

Not necessarily. The blood in your stool is probably from the hemorrhoids. you may like to get a screening endoscopy to check for polyps and get biopsies from large or suspicious ones if you have any. Biopsies are to be examined by a pathologist who would determine if there is malignant growth. Read more...

I had a sigmoidoscopy. And was clear but still having mucus and blood and diareah and cramps. Do I have bowel cancer? It is worse around period time.

Possibly. The symptoms of blood and diarrhea can at time be associated with a bowel lesion. Sigmoidoscopy is used to examine the distal colon just above the rectum for about 20cm. To be sure the bowel is free of pathology a colonoscopy should be performed to identify and biopsy and pathology that might be defined by this procedure. Read more...