Besides antinflamatories, any good remedies for painful osteoarthritis in my big toes? I don't think its gout because it is there every night after wk.

Hallux Limitus. X-rays would easily show degenerative or osteoarthritis of the great toe joint. Depending on the severity, there are a variety of surgical procedures which can significantly reduce the pain and increase motion. There is no need to suffer.
Insert, weight loss. Reduce the load borne by those toe joints by trying an arch support insert, staying with shoes that have a wide enough toe box, and try to be as close as possible to ideal body weight (bmi under 26).
Podiatrist. See a podiatrist (foot & ankle specialist) -- they may be able to fit you with an orthotic (insert for shoe) which takes the pressure off of your painful toe without any medicine. They can also advise you on whether any other treatments (devices. Supplements, medicines, injection, special exercises, etc.) may be helpful in your case, and what the pros & cos of each would be.
Osteoarthritis. There is no remedy for arthritis. However., there are things that can help and /or lesse the pain. See your podiatrist for custom orthotics - that may help . There are surgical procedures that can help also as can injectable anti-inflammatories . These keep you from taking too many oral meds your podiatrist can help with all of these .