How common is testicular cancer?

~8, 500 cases/yr. It is estimated that in the United States this year that there will be approximately 8, 500 new cases of testicular cancer. It is the most common solid malignancy in males between 15-35 yo.
Not common. About 9000/ year in U.S. It is one of the most curable cancers even at late stage. Interestingly there has been some recent rise in this cancer. At least a couple of recent research articles correlate the rise to use of marijuana.

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How common is testicular cancer and what are the symptoms and prognosis thanks?

Testicular cancer. Testicular cancer is not that common, with about 8500 cases in the U.S. Per year. It is the most common solid tumor in men ages 18-35, so regular self-exams are recommended. There are usually no symptoms, and most often presents as a painless mass in the testicle. Due to effective surgery, radiation, & chemotherapy, cure rates are very high & prognosis is excellent, except in very advanced cases.

Is it common to have testicular cancer at 15?

It is not. Common to get sick at 15, but testis cancer is one of the cancers that does occur in adolescence.

What are the most common secondary cancers from testicular cancer?

Nodes, lung. Brain, & bones. Unlike most solid tumors, even with metastatic spread to these sites, the disease is completely curable with testicular resection and systemic chemotherapy.
Testicular Cancer. The most common cancer is a second testicular cancer in the opposite testicle. Also depending on whether one receives chemotherapy or radiation, and to what areas, there may be increased risk of secondary cancers (leukemia from chemotherapy, sarcoma from radiation).

What are the common symptoms of testicular cancer? Can a 30 year old get it?

A mass. A mass on the testis, or an enlarged testis. It's mostly a disease of young adult men and age 30 it's not uncommon.

If you had testicular cancer is there usually not kind of irritation or is it common to not have pain?

Listen, man... Testicular cancer isn't painful until very late. If you have a testicular mass, or one of them has gotten a lot larger recently, get seen without delay.

I'm scared the doctor is going to tell me I have testicular cancer. How common is it?

Not common. Other cancers, like renal and prostate are far more common. Its peak age incidence is 20-40. There are 2 subtypes, seminoma and non-seminoma. Seminoma is highly sensitive to radiation therapy. Staging involves serum alphafetoprotein (afp), b-human Chorionic Gonadotropin (b-hcg), chest x-ray, and ct scan of the abdomen and pelvis. There is 95% cure if treated right.
See your physician. See your physician, only 1 to 2% malignant tumors of men are testicular tumors, so they are not that common, if tumor is found in testis most of the time it is malignant.