19 years old with a cornea scar on my left eye, they offered surgery at age 4 but parents refused. I'm almost blind now, can they do the surgery now?

Hi Marie, we. answered your question previously. Your best option is to see an ophthalmologist who can evaluate what to do with your amblyopic eye (the one that has a corneal scar) & to insure your 'good eye' rendering you monovision for now is always protected & has good vision.It's difficult when you're faced with having to determine what to do now with your eyes. Your eye doc will give you the best options.
Probably not. An eye with a corneal scar that impacts the vision from an early age will cause a condition known as amblyopia which is a permanent lowering of vision even though the eye might be otherwise normal (which yours is not). Surgery at your age might improve the appearance but is unlikely to improve the vision. It might improve the peripheral vision. Discuss this with a corneal surgeon.