So I quit smoking 5 months ago. And yesterday I decided to try a non nicotine water vapor hookah pen. So IV been feeling really nauseous. Is itledposi?

Lead poisoning? The lead in leaded crystal decanters can leach into wine, spirits & vinegar stored in them for a long time. Vapor pens manufactured in the US don't contain lead. Check with the vendor of the pen for country of origin & length of time the liquid stayed in the pen. It's highly unlikely, but ask your doctor for a blood lead level if you're worried. .
Normal side effect. Nice job quitting! Now that it's been 5 months, you should stay away from all nicotine products - vapor, electronic, nicotine medication, cigars - all of it. It will give you an upset stomach and nausea, and puts you at risk of relapse. Be strong. Be healthy.