I keep getting migraines, it's been now 12 days. Nausea, dizziness, feeling of tingling and warmth on top of head, neck stiffness, ear is ringing, ?

Thoracic Outlet . See commonly with straight neck. History of whiplash or concussion , even remote, plus excess keyboard work. Dx suspect if straight neck on plain films, confirmed by MRI/MRA/MRV at UCLA.
Visit ER. Administration of DHE-45, ketamine, lidocaine, other agents to be a very safe and reasonable treatment for a massive headache. DHE-45 is used frequently in the hospital emergency rooms or urgent care to stop a severe migraine and headache. Good luck.

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Migraine, light headed, dizziness, head hurts, rinding in ears, cognitive delta, tingle in one side stiff neck w/ throbbing pain. What can this be?

Migraine/seizure,etc. If similar to past migraines-not huge worry.If never had before-could be virus or serious from seizure to meningitis.Impt enough to seek immed help & rule out dangerous causes.If those are ruled out, could be anything from pinched cervical nerve to trigeminal neuralgia, or neurologic pain complex set off by thoracic or cervical dysfunctions.Good osteopathic hx and phys could help find & fix. Read more...

I haven't been feeling right for going on a week now. I have no appetite, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, stiff neck and shoulders and pain in the right side of my head. What should I do?

Viral illness. This is not good and may be a viral syndrome and the nausea and vomiting could be symptoms of a severe illness or problem that needs treatment. I would see your doctor tomorrow or go to an urgicenter if not able to be see at the office. Could be an atypical viral meningitis. This would be unusual especially in the winter but there are also other things in the differential. see doc. Read more...