My pediatrician thinks my 3 month old has a urachal cyst. What is this in leamans terms, how's it treated, and should I be concerned?

See below. It is a connection between the umbilical cord site, belly button, and the bladder. This is a normal part of fetal development but should have closed. If there is a cyst, it will be surgically corrected.
Urachal cyst. Urachal cycst is a left over connection from the bladder to the belly button. In the fetus a lot of things are connected and slowly separate. Sometimes a small space is left over (cyst) after separation. Urachal cysts are very rare and sometimes confused with scar tissue from the belly button. A pediatric surgeon can help. Here's a link http://www. Urologyhealth. Org/urology/index. Cfm? Article=41.