Pain in head as bad as past CSF Leak pain but not positional. Happened after straining in bathroom. Nauseous, pain behind eyes, face, neck. Concern?

Do not strain w/ BM! Anytime you strain or hold your breath or lift a heavy object, etc. you creating a Vasalva maneuver. So, it puts pressure in your whole system including your CSF potentiallly. Use a stool softener instead or something that relaxes you, versus straining. Also contact your neurosurgeon/neurologist (?) who knows about your CSF leak. He needs to be involved in helping manage you now. Don't delay!

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Have had headache, head pressure, tinnitus neck pain, blurry vision and tachycardia for three weeks. What could this be from? CSF leak?

Intractable migraine. In CSF leak the headache is worse when you sit up and improves when you lie down. Visit ER. Many clinicians consider parenteral administration of DHE 45, (dihydroergotamine) ketamine, lidocaine, other agents to be a very safe and reasonable treatment for intractable migraine. Good luck. Read more...